About us

EOSC-synergy, is an H2020 project that extends the EOSC coordination to nine participating countries (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and United Kingdom). To achieve this, the project harmonizes policies and federates relevant national research e-Infrastructures, scientific data and thematic services, bridging the gap between national initiatives and EOSC. In addition, EOSC-synergy pushes the EOSC state-of-the-art in software and services life-cycle. By using a quality-driven approach to services integration, the project will promote the convergence and alignment towards EOSC standards and best practices.

The convergence towards EOSC standards and practices will be complemented in one of the EOSC synergy project work packages that aims to expand the EOSC training and education capabilities. To this end, the introduction of an online platform will boost the development of EOSC skills and competences.


EOSC-Synergy homepage: https://www.eosc-synergy.eu/