EOSC-Synergy Learn platform

Expanding the EOSC training and education capabilities

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A set of services

EOSC-Synergy training platform set of tools for the creation and conduction EOSC related training courses.

It facilitates cloud related courses providing tools for interactive computing.

The platform is based on the container’s technologies, that allows for combining together in a suitable learning setup for students/training participants.

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Enrollment codes

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Online Learning Platform

Massive open online courses platform based on the worldwide most popular Moodle platform. Platform provide interactive courses capabilities with user forums to support community interactions among students and tutors as well as immediate feedback to quick quizzes and assignments.


Conduct online training and consultation wherever you are. Talk, share screen, upload files without installing applications. The video conferencing tool is based on the edumeet software.

Interactive computing

Service based on Jupyter Notebook enables the creation and sharing of documents containing “live” code, equations, visualisations and texts. It allows to write simple programs, numerical simulations, statistical modeling, data visualization and much more.

Shared drive

Online tools allow you to easily and quickly share personal documents, the results of teams, the work of individual trainees. The service is used to securely store and synchronize files. The service is based on the open source NextCloud software.

Infrastructure Management

Self deploy your cloud training infrastructure for given training. Manage the virtual machines and accounts for training participants. The service is based on the Infrastructure Manager software.

Hackathon as a service

This platform allows hackathon organizers to create events that require infrastructure usage with no worries about resource management. It also provides tools to easily control participants and evaluate their work. Event participants are able to join or to get invited to interesting events, use the infrastructure provided easily and submit their results.