Terms of use

We are EOSC-Synergy. Team from Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC). Our goal is to provide you with a set of services that enhance the learning process of the students.

We reserve the right to update the content of ‘Terms of Service’ and to perform such updates at any time without prior notice regardless of the fact that they remove, modify or add functionality/ies. These updates become effective immediately after posting.

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Table of Contents

  1. EOSC-Synergy services.
    1. Moodle – Learning Management System.
    2. Videochat – video conference tool.
    3. Jupyter Notebooks – online programming tool.
    4. Shared Drive – cloud space to store data.
    5. Infrastructure Manager – virtual machines managing tool.
    6. Hackathon as a Service.
  2. Training resources catalogue.
  3. Useful links.
  4. Miscellaneous


1. EOSC-Synergy services.

EOSC-Synergy services provide a set of features that is focused on teaching and learning. This set consists of Moodle, Videochat, Jupyter Notebooks, Shared Drive, Infrastructure Manager and Hackathon as a Service.


1.1. Moodle – Learning Management System.

Massive open online courses platform based on the worldwide most popular Moodle platform. Platform provides interactive courses capabilities with user forums to support community interactions among students and tutors as well as immediate feedback to quick quizzes and assignments.


1.2. Videochat – video conference tool.

Conduct online training and consultation wherever you are. Talk, share screen, upload files without installing applications. The video conferencing tool is based on the edumeet software.


1.3. Jupyter Notebooks – online programming tool.

Service based on Jupyter Notebook enables the creation and sharing of documents containing “live” code, equations, visualizations and texts. It allows to write simple programs, numerical simulations, statistical modeling, data visualization and much more.


1.4. Shared Drive – cloud space to store data.

Online tools allow you to easily and quickly share personal documents, the results of teams, the work of individual trainees. The service is used to securely store and synchronize files. The service is based on the open source NextCloud software.


1.5. Infrastructure Manager – virtual machines managing tool.

Self deploy your cloud training infrastructure for given training. Manage the virtual machines and accounts for training participants. The service is based on the Infrastructure Manager software.


1.6. Hackathon as a Service.

This platform allows hackathon organizers to create events that require infrastructure usage with no worries about resource management. It also provides tools to easily control participants and evaluate their work. Event participants are able to join or to get invited to interesting events, use the infrastructure provided easily and submit their results.


2. Training resources catalogue.

A lot of resources have been made in the course of the project. Because of their richness in knowledge and know-how, they are a very good way of helping other people in the future. Not to lose this valuable asset is really important.

This database of documents can be found on the main Learn EOSC-Synergy website on the catalogue page. They are being presented in the form of a table with a lot of different filtering options to ensure that users can find exactly whatever they are looking for.


3. Useful links.

Learn EOSC-Synergy website – https://learn.eosc-synergy.eu/

Training materials catalogue – https://learn.eosc-synergy.eu/catalogue/

Moodle – https://moodle.learn.eosc-synergy.eu/

Videochat – https://vc.learn.eosc-synergy.eu/

Jupyter Notebooks – https://notebook.learn.eosc-synergy.eu/hub/login

Shared Drive –  https://drive.learn.eosc-synergy.eu/login

Infrastructure Manager – https://vm060.pub.cloud.ifca.es/login

Hackathon as a Service – https://hackathon-manager.bifi.es/


4. Miscellaneous

These Terms of Service are governed by laws of the Republic of Poland.

Any disputes relating to these Terms of Service that are not resolved amicably shall be resolved by the courts of Poznań, Poland.

Provisions of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) shall not apply.